Creating a Subscription Schedule

To add a monthly subscription revenue schedule to a project, follow these steps:

Make sure that the Project has the Subscription Record Type
In the Main Projects list view, highlight the project for which you want to create a revenue schedule

Click the edit button on the toolbar
Enter a value for the following fields:

Subscription Price

The total value of the contract (monthly charge * number of months) i.e.: $120,000

Subscription Months

The number of months for this subscription schedule i.e.: 6

Subscription Start Date: i.e.: 2/2/2015

When you want the subscription schedule to start

Save the project

Project Pulse will automatically generate individual records for each revenue schedule, for the […]

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Reporting on Financial Metrics

Reporting on Financial Metrics

Reporting and monitoring the financial health of your projects is very easy in Project Pulse.

First create a report of the type “Projects with Project Financials”

On the report editor, you want to make sure you add a filter for only the current month financials.

Now you want to add the Project Name, and any other columns from the Financials object that you want to monitor. For example, Current Revenue. See below for a table of all available metrics.

Next you want to group the report by Project Name, and Summarize your other fields.

Now save your report and run it. You can use this […]

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Project Pulse Winter ’16 Release Notes

Project Pulse Winter ’16 Release Notes

Welcome to the Winter 2016 Project Pulse Release Notes. The goal of this document is to provide descriptions of new and updated functionality as it relates to Project Pulse, Professional Services Automation.

Winter ’16 Upgrade Instructions:

Login to your Salesforce environment (if you are logging into your sandbox, please change the word “login” to “test” in the URL)

Configero strongly recommends installing the update in your Full Sandbox first, and verify that new functionality does not conflict with any org customizations.

Download the Winter ’16 Release of the Data Loader (install for all users*)
Obtain the packages for Project Pulse Core, and Project Pulse Financials […]

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The importance of process to increase service quality

After delivering 800+ Salesforce projects, the importance of having well defined processes for sales, service delivery, project management,  finance and  regularly scheduled executive steering committee meetings is critical to consistently delivering quality of service.  When good processes are in place and the various teams are trained on using them, efficiency goes up, management burden decreases and customer satisfaction increases because the overall delivery process can be explained to the customer, project dates and milestones can be tracked and honored, and each party to the engagement (customer, vendors and project staff ) all understand what is required of them.

In this blog post, […]

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Project Management Key Performance Indicators

Many of our customers have 100’s of projects in-flight during any given month.  As the number of concurrent projects increase, it becomes extremely difficult for project managers to ensure projects are being completed on time and very difficult for executive management to see how the portfolio of company business is performing.

Most PSA tools provide rudimentary formula fields for project status which do not provide real-time visibility into project performance.  What project managers need is a tool that reduces their workload so they can focus their efforts on ensuring quality of service delivery and managing customer expectations.

Instead of having project managers having to […]

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Real-time resource forecasting

What project managers really need is visibility into task completeness so they become aware of activities that are not likely to be completed on time.  Most PSA tools will tell you when tasks are late, but that is after the fact and does not provide any intelligence to the project manager to help them perform their role and keep the project on schedule

Project Pulse provides powerful resource management capabilities, including resource forecasting and resource utilization.  In this blog, we are going to focus on 1 aspect of resource forecasting with respect to managing the project schedule.

Project Pulse continuously recomputes future resource capacity […]

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How are Professional Services Organizations Managing People, Processes & Profits?

How are Professional Services Organizations Managing People, Processes & Profits?

Download the Infographic of the Professional Services Survey 2013 findings to see:

The most popular tools being used to manage service delivery and how companies are using them
The key metrics executives are analyzing to measure success
The top initiatives professional services organizations are focusing on over the next 6 – 12 months

Interested in learning how you could dramatically reduce project turnaround and resource bench time, save 60% of time on project planning and revenue forecasting, and increase your competitive advantage in the cloud? Schedule a quick 1on1 demo to see Project Pulse and hear how companies from law firms to consulting firms […]

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