Project Pulse has powerful financial capabilities for revenue forecasting and revenue recognition (reporting).  Some of our customers like to include indirect costs such as employee benefits or overhead as a percentage of labor costs in their financial calculations.  When creating your projects, set the value of the Indirect Cost Rate field value to account for indirect costs.  The default value is 1.0   If your indirect costs average 15%, then set this value to 1.15

The effect of doing so will be to increase your labor cost calculations by this percentage, which makes the net revenue calculation more accurate.

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Jeff Kennedy is the Sr.VP and General Manager of the Configero Products division. Jeff has a engineering degree from Marquette University. Over his career, Jeff has performed roles as software developer, system and software architect, professional services management, sales management and management consulting. Jeff founded the Configero products division in 2012 and this division of our company now has 2 market leading applications and enjoying explosive growth. We have many F500 customers using our technology and applications to improve their business operations and profitability.

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