It is not uncommon for project starts to be delayed for a multitude of reasons, and with most PSA tools it can be a very tedious effort to manually shift all of the project tasks dates.  Project Pulse has a very useful feature which allows project managers to shift the entire project backwards or forward in time with a simple edit to the Project Task Date Offset field.

Simply enter the number of days you wish to move the project and hit Save.  Use positive integers to move the project start date later in time, and negative integers to move the project start date earlier in time.  In the example below, we are moving the project to start 10 days later.

Task Date Offset

After saving the Edit, Project  Pulse will iterate through each task and phase in the project and adjust the Task (and Phase) start and end dates based on the desired shift.

Project Pulse has an intelligent scheduler, so when moving the project it will take into account the business work days and if the new calculated date is a non-working day, the scheduler will shift the project to the first available work day.


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