Project Key Performance Indicators Customization

Project Pulse provides several KPIs at the project level to monitor the health of your projects. These key performance indicators include project hours, cost, revenue, schedule and time-tracking. These indicators are continuously computed by the application and displayed on the task list view as color-coded stoplights.



This post will explain the logic behind each indicator, and show you how you can customize the indicators and tweak the computations.


Indicators Custom Setting

Under the Salesforce Setup menu, Develop->Custom Settings, you will find the “Project Pulse Financials” Custom Setting. If you click on Manage, you are able to edit several fields that allow you to tweak the green/yellow/red […]

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Filtering Lookups

The Project Pulse framework allows for complex customizations. In this post we will cover the topic of customizing a lookup by adding some default filters in order to exclude non-interesting records.

We will use the Staff lookup as an example. Typically, when adding resources to a project, you don’t want to see inactive or users no longer available to assign. This is how you can exclude these staff records from lookups, but still have the option to see them if needed.


Step 1 – Create a Default Query Panel for the Staff Lookups

Go to the Query Panels tab (part of the Data […]

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Creating Query Panels for Project Views

Project Pulse has powerful query technology that enables users to quickly find data needed to perform their job function.  Rather than having to wade through volumes of records, each user can create and save queries that serve up just the data that they need.  This is another example of how Project Pulse optimized the user experience and improves productivity of your delivery teams.

To create Query Panels, customize your Salesforce links that display at the top of your Salesforce page and click on the plus (+) icon.  Find the link named Query Panel and click it.

You will see the overview page. […]

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Setting the project detail page footer information

To view the detail information for a project, users click the green arrow which opens up a new browser tab displaying the project details view.  This view provides several sub-tabs which contain all of the project information that users need to manage their projects.

At the very bottom of the page, you will notice that the page footer contains several project related data.   In the example below, you will the project name, start/end dates and the project estimated hours.

When setting up Project Pulse, you can customize what information is displayed in the page footer to that which is most useful […]

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