Project Pulse has powerful query technology that enables users to quickly find data needed to perform their job function.  Rather than having to wade through volumes of records, each user can create and save queries that serve up just the data that they need.  This is another example of how Project Pulse optimized the user experience and improves productivity of your delivery teams.

To create Query Panels, customize your Salesforce links that display at the top of your Salesforce page and click on the plus (+) icon.  Find the link named Query Panel and click it.

You will see the overview page.  Click on the Go button.  You will see the detail page.  Click on the Query Panel Wizard button to view the Query Panel creation page.

Selecting the Query Panel Wizard Button


Query Panel Configurator

In this example, we are going to create a Query Panel for the Project object.  Select the Primary Object from the dropdown selector.   You will see the complete list of Project fields in the Select Field(s) list box.  Before creating the Query Panel, think about what project fields your users will need to search by to best serve their job function.

To add a search field, highlight the field in the Select Fields(s) list box and hit the Add Selected button.  In this example, we have added commonly used search fields like Account, Opportunity, Start Date, etc.

Notice the Fields Per Row value.  In this example, it is set to 4.  This means that the Query Panel will display 4 fields per row.  In the above example, the Account field will be in row 0, column 0.  The Opportunity field will be in row 0, column 1.  The Start Date field will be in row 0, column 2.  The End Date field will be in row 0, column 3.

The Project Status field will be in row 1, column 0.  You get the idea.

Notice the Include Ownership Check Boxes attribute.  If this checkbox is True, in addition to the selected Query Panel fields, the Query Panel wizard will include Ownership checkboxes in the generated Query Panel.

You can change the label associated to the selected Query Panel field by hitting the Edit Display Label button.

Advanced Features

In addition to selecting the core fields for the main object selected, you can also add query fields from Parent and Child object relationships.

To add a field from a parent relationship, select the object from the Drill Up list box.  The Select Field(s) list box will now show the fields from the selected parent object.

To add a search field from a child relationship, select the child object from the Drill Down list box.  The Select Field(s) list box will now show the fields from the selected child object.  This feature is a very powerful capability that can be used to improve efficiency of your project teams.  For example, if your teams use Salesforce Tasks and Calendar events, those can be associated to a Project.  By including the Salesforce Task/Activity Start Date, Status or any other available field in the child object, then, for example,  you could search for Projects that have a Salesforce Task or Activity with a certain date or status.

After selecting your Query Panel fields, save your changes.  At the top of the page, you will see the Query Panel and the selected fields that users can search by.

Geneated Query Panel




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