Project Pulse contains powerful baselining functionality which can be used to increase the accuracy of estimating future project efforts.  Once the project is ready for execution, the project can be baselined which will store the current values of estimated hours, task durations and costs.  Project Pulse has baseline fields not only at the project level, but also for project phases and tasks.  This provides a rich amount of information that can be used to historically compare project performance at any of these levels, within and across project teams.

For example, we might find that a certain type of project is always running over what we estimated.  Or, a certain task is taking less time that what we have set in our template.

We can easily create a report to compare our performance over time by these various perspectives and make whatever adjustments are required in our service templates.  By doing so, we create a continuos feedback loop which over time, will help to improve our project estimating process.

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Jeff Kennedy is the Sr.VP and General Manager of the Configero Products division. Jeff has a engineering degree from Marquette University. Over his career, Jeff has performed roles as software developer, system and software architect, professional services management, sales management and management consulting. Jeff founded the Configero products division in 2012 and this division of our company now has 2 market leading applications and enjoying explosive growth. We have many F500 customers using our technology and applications to improve their business operations and profitability.

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