Project Pulse is a 100% native Salesforce Professional Services Application that is specifically designed to address the operational challenges companies face when delivering revenue generating products and services.  Project Pulse can help many different types of businesses, including traditional professional service consulting companies, software companies that deliver services as part of a product sale, and really any company that manages a large workforce performing work that relates to revenue generation.  In the latter category, we have seen need for a solution like Project Pulse in legal services firms, advertising firms, etc.

It is a challenging endeavor to manage a large workforce.  Project Pulse integrates all critical customer life-cycle functions including sales, resource management, delivery of services, billing and financials.  In many companies, this information is scattered amongst silos of applications, making efficient operations difficult, limiting agility and reducing management visibility into important operational information.

Consolidating mission critical applications on a cloud-based platform is no longer a trend, but a proven best practice for leading CIOs.  We designed Project Pulse specifically for the Salesforce platform, providing you the benefits of a best-in-class platform with the most advanced Professional Services Automation solution available in the marketplace.


Design & Usability

All too often, applications are clunky and inefficient to use, making user adoption hard and limiting efficiency of operations. Each functional view of Project Pulse has been thoughtfully designed to ensure users have highly optimized user experiences that speed up their workflows and provide quick access to critical data needed to perform their role.

Many of Salesforce largest customers leverage our revolutionary Grid technology to improve their data intensive business processes and lower cost of operations.  The Configero Grid enhances the user experience by eliminating excessive page navigation through its singe page master-detail design, and provides usability features like dynamic multi-column filtering and sorting and in-line editing.   Project Pulse uses this same technology to provide the most efficient and best user experience to your most important assets.

Project Pulse is a role-based application which enables each user to customize their interface to provide only the views, records and data required to perform their job function, eliminating page clutter and making access and management of data much faster and easier.  Compare Project Pulse to any other PSA solution and the difference will become immediately clear.



Industry leading F500 companies have invested in Salesforce to manage their sales, marketing and customer relationships. Salesforce is the market leader for cloud-based solutions, and Project Pulse extends that value to include solutions designed to make services companies operate better and more profitably.

Every company has unique business policies and processes used to operate their business.  The Salesforce platform provides many tools customers can use to customize their applications, including customizing page layouts, creating validation rules to ensure data quality, workflow rules to reduce data entry, notifications, approval processes and even adding new data elements.  All of the native customization capabilities of Salesforce are available to Project Pulse ensuring the application can be configured to execute your best practices and processes and not requiring any compromises be made when selecting the most important application a service company requires.  In addition, Project Pulse has a rich API that provides the ability  to further customize the user interface including adding new views or additional functionality that may be required for a given job role.



Project Pulse is a mission critical application to run a services business, but not the only one required.  Salesforce and Project Pulse provide integration capabilities that make it easy to communicate with external systems.

For example, one of our customers has integrated Project Pulse to CPQ order management, mobile workforce scheduling, accounting and payroll systems. While this was a large effort, it is an excellent example of how to automate and optimize an entire suite of applications to  drive operational excellence.

In addition to offering solutions such as Project Pulse, Configero has deep experience in delivering Salesforce solutions and integrations to external systems.  Since 2009, Configero has implemented over 800+ solutions on the Salesforce platform, including Sales & Service Cloud, Communities and custom developed applications on the Force.com platform.


Powerful Business Impact

It is surprising to find many service companies still using spreadsheets and antiquated systems to manage delivery of professional services.  To execute in today’s competitive environment requires companies to operate at peak efficiency and ensure consistent delivery of high quality services.  Without having a system like Project Pulse, it is a very difficult goal to achieve.

As the number of concurrent projects and project resources increase, fundamental exercises like project staffing become almost impossible to do well without a tool that provides visibility and intelligence regarding your capacity to take on new work.

In addition to providing an industry leading solution to manage workforces, Project Pulse provides huge value in automation of key manual processes, including billing and financials.

Taken together, this solution will transform your company and provide a solution that will increase customer satisfaction by ensuring timely delivery of services, reduce the management burden that comes with a large workforce and provide executives with real-time visibility into all critical operational and financial data.

Key Features

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.16.54 PM

Project Automation

Templates automate the process of creating engagements and are pre-populated to enforce consistency and best practices

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.24.27 PM

Workflow Management

Built-in to support even the most complex business processes, collaboration via Chatter and auto-alerts drive real-time knowledge sharing and department-wide visibility

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.27.16 PM

Powerful Dashboards

Interactive reports deliver insight into resource allocation and utilization, project health, performance and profitability

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Integrated with sales pipeline data for highly accurate resource planning and revenue forecasting

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.38.04 PM


Automatic generation, routing and electronic signature of project deliverables and status reports

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Manage skill sets and functional roles tied to expertise and requirements and easily track calendars, expenses and performance