Automated Revenue Forecasting And Profit Management


  • Executives spending 60 – 70 hours/month building manual rev forecasts in Excel spreadsheets
  • Information was siloed and scattered across individual desktops, resulting in knowledge gaps and no communication between teams
  • Management had no visibility into resource utilization, leading to overscheduling, project delays and customer dissatisfaction


  • Deployed native project management app in service delivery org
  • Auto-generated revenue calculations and forecasting
  • Key project indicators enabled executive visibility across all projects, on-demand and on-the-go
  • Highly intuitive resource demand and utilization views with heat maps


  • 40-60% reduced time spent on forecasting and project planning
  • Entire delivery org more efficient
  • Enabled management to focus on key operational metrics and customer relationships
  • Resource bench time dramatically reduced, with maximum utilization
  • Fewer instances of billing errors, resource overscheduling, and project delays

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