Many of our customers have 100’s of projects in-flight during any given month.  As the number of concurrent projects increase, it becomes extremely difficult for project managers to ensure projects are being completed on time and very difficult for executive management to see how the portfolio of company business is performing.

Most PSA tools provide rudimentary formula fields for project status which do not provide real-time visibility into project performance.  What project managers need is a tool that reduces their workload so they can focus their efforts on ensuring quality of service delivery and managing customer expectations.

Instead of having project managers having to drill into each project and enter subjective judgements about whether the project is on track, Project Pulse provides real-time tracking indicators for all important project key performance indicators including project hours, cost, revenue, schedule and time-tracking.  These indicators are continuously computed by the application and displayed on the task list view as color-coded stoplights.

Real-time Tracking Indicators for Blog Post

The time tracking indicator is extremely useful for companies who choose the Time & Material or Custom T&M revenue models, as these depend on users entering time to recognize revenue.  Having this indicator is another example of the business intelligence Project Pulse provides to help your service delivery team operate at maximum efficiency.

Using the filtering capabilities of the Project Puse UI, hundreds or even thousands of projects can be easily filtered to show only those projects that are not meeting expectations, and this provides intelligence for project managers to focus their efforts where best needed.

In addition to showing the stoplight indicators, each KPI also has fields to display the difference in value between what was estimated vs actual performance and even display that as a percentage.

Using the role-based capabilities of the UI, each project manager can select what fields are shown in the grid view which optimizes their user experience and productivity.


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