Project Pulse Summer ’16 Release Notes

Welcome to the Summer 2016 Project Pulse Release Notes. The goal of this document is to provide descriptions of new and updated functionality as it relates to Project Pulse, Professional Services Automation.

Summer ’16 Upgrade Instructions:

  1. Login to your Salesforce environment (if you are logging into your sandbox, please change the word “login” to “test” in the URL)
    • Configero strongly recommends installing the update in your Full Sandbox first, and verify that new functionality does not conflict with any org customizations.
  2. Download the Summer ’16 Release of the Data Loader (install for all users*)
  3. Obtain the packages for Project Pulse Core, and Project Pulse Financials from Configero Support
  4. Install the packages

Summer ’16 Product Updates

Project Pulse Core Updates

Time Entry Updates

This release of Project Pulse introduces a new version of the Time Entry screen with the following features:

  • Ability to enter multiple time entries for a single day and task assignment
    • The Time Entry view now features a property panel on the right-hand side. When selecting a cell on the grid, the property panel will list all time entries for the selected Task Assignment and day where they can be managed (add/edit/delete)
  • The columns are now customizable by the individual user, you can choose to show any field from the Task Assignment on the left-hand side of the grid.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.40.10 PM

Other Time Entry related updates include:

  • Project, Person and Task fields are no longer required on the Time Entry record and are pre-filled automatically from the Task Assignment.
  • The Time tab (under Resources) now includes grouping functionality so you can group time entries by user, project or which ever other attribute you prefer.

Resource Utilization View

The new Resource Utilization View now boasts additional customizable filters so you can drill into and filter the data you need.

To add a new filter, simply create a new text field (formula field works too) on the Task Assignment object. For example, you can have a formula field that brings in the user Company Name or Division. Once the field is in place, you can filter your resources by Company or Division, making for a better/faster experience, especially in larger organizations with thousands of resources. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with this feature!

We have also changed the way we display the underlaying data of each cell in this view. You can now find separate tabs for Task Assignments or Time Entries in the property panel, to see exactly why a resource is over or under booked. Keep in mind that for past dates this view now looks only at Time Entries (actual utilization) while for future dates it looks at Task Assignments (forecasted utilization.)

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.44.34 PM

Grid UI Enhancements

  • The main Projects grid now loads the query panel query and no longer the most recent projects
  • Edit and delete notes in the property panels: now you can not only add notes, but edit and delete them right in the property panel of every grid.
  • Attachments tab is now available on the My Direct Charges grid, for easy upload of expense receipts.

Project Pulse Financials Updates

Current Financial Period Auto-Update

The current financial period is now automatically calculated by the Financial processing scheduled job. If you need to manually set the current period, you can navigate to the Project Pulse Financials Custom Settings, click on Manage, change the “Period From Date” to the value desired, and check the “Override Financial Period” checkbox. When you are ready to let the date calculate automatically again, remember to go back to the custom setting and uncheck the “Override Financial Period” checkbox.

Billing Updates

  • Time and expense records are now automatically marked with the Is Billed checkbox when a billing record is created
  • Billing records are now marked as not invoiced when an invoice, or associated line item, is deleted

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.51.16 PM

Other Financials Updates

The Financial and Billing processing is now optimized to handle a larger number of projects while using less Salesforce resources to avoid hitting limits in smaller orgs.

Performance Improvements

Platform Cache

Project Pulse can now leverage the Salesforce Platform Cache to optimize loading of certain metadata. To enable the cache, navigate to the Platform Cache section in the Salesforce Setup menu. Edit the Data Loader cache record and assign a cache allocation to both the Session and Org Cache. A minimum of 5Mb each will suffice on small and medium orgs, for larger orgs you can assign more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.42.36 PM

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Grid attachment uploads now add the file extension to the file name
  • The Clear Filters button on every grid now automatically saves the column template
  • Resource forecast inactive user filter is now working for task assignments
  • Chatter file uploads no longer hang on “loading” in the property panels
  • Fixed a bug in the Bulk Assign tasks screen
  • Fixed a bug in the Project Requirements Grid template
  • Fixed a bug in the Project Hours tracking indicator
  • Fixed a bug in the Project Time tracking indicator
  • Fixed a bug in the Parent Requirement lookup, within the Requirements grid
  • Fixed a bug in the Parent Phase lookup when editing a phase within the Gantt chart

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