Project Pulse Winter ’16 Release Notes

Welcome to the Winter 2016 Project Pulse Release Notes. The goal of this document is to provide descriptions of new and updated functionality as it relates to Project Pulse, Professional Services Automation.

Winter ’16 Upgrade Instructions:

  1. Login to your Salesforce environment (if you are logging into your sandbox, please change the word “login” to “test” in the URL)
    • Configero strongly recommends installing the update in your Full Sandbox first, and verify that new functionality does not conflict with any org customizations.
  2. Download the Winter ’16 Release of the Data Loader (install for all users*)
  3. Obtain the packages for Project Pulse Core, and Project Pulse Financials from Configero Support
  4. Install the packages

Winter ’16 Product Updates

Project Pulse Core Updates

Gantt Chart Export

Users are now able to export the Gantt chart for embedding in presentations or other media. Options for export include the format (image or PDF) and scale (by day,week or month) The scale option helps with narrowing long project plans so they can be easily understood.

Please note that in order to provide this functionality, some data is sent to our server for processing. The data is not stored and clear as soon as your export is complete. For more details, please contact us.

% Complete Calculation

We updated the core % complete computation by incorporating a weight system that takes into account the estimated hours for each task, phase and the entire project. The % complete is no longer relying solely on the hours entered vs. remaining, but uses the actual values entered by the users at the task or task assignment levels.

Pulse Financials users can still enjoy the revenue model based calculations in the financial record.

Improved Cloning Functionality

We improved the project cloning functionality to support larger and more complex project plans. Please note that in order to deliver this functionality we have limited the number of nested Phase hierarchy levels to 3. For example:

  • Phase 1
    • Discovery
      • Kick-off Meetings
  • Phase 2

Resource Utilization Chart

We added a new filter to exclude inactive resources from the chart.

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Permission Sets generator: fixed a big where some permission sets were not created properly
  • When using Task Assignment Override %Complete, we automatically set the %Complete value to 100 on the Task Assignments
  • Calendar events are now created asynchronously to speed up task assignment entry and cloning
  • Fixed a bug on the resource Utilization Chart export to csv, where the same date was repeating across the header

Project Pulse Financials Updates

Retainer/Prepay Functionality

Project Pulse now supports the concepts of retainers or prepayments. A retainer fee is a fixed amount of money that a client agrees to pay, in advance, to secure services.

Project Pulse supports two types of prepayments:

  • Prepayments that apply immediately:The amount prepaid applies to the current and future months. Pulse will generated a new negative billing entry to show the amount of prepayment applied./p>
  • Prepayments that apply at project end:The amount prepaid applies at the end of the project. On the last period of the project, typically the last month, the prepayment amount will be subtracted from the total billings for the month.

To use the feature follow the following steps:

  1. Enter a prepayment by going to the Billing tab in the properties panel and create a new billing entry
  2. Specify the timeframe when the prepayment applies (immediately or end of project)
  3. Enter the amount of the prepayment
  4. Enter a date that represent when the client was billed for the prepayment
  5. Save the record and let Project Pulse handle the rest!

Cost/Expense Only Projects

Project Pulse now generates Project Financials for projects that have no tasks, but only expenses

Fixed Price Revenue Distribution

Fixed price revenue is now distributed only to top-level phases.

Validation Rules

We added the following checks to the application:

  • On Time & Material projects, logging time on a task that has an approved billing charge is now not permitted
  • On Fixed Price projects, the %Complete on a task or task assignment can’t be changed if the task has a billing charge
  • Direct charges with approved billing record can’t be edited or deleted
  • Invoiced billing charges can’t be edited
  • Fixed price revenue can only be specified on top-level phases or on tasks. A fixed price amount on a task that belongs to a phase with an existing fixed price amount specified is not allowed

Other Billing Improvements

  • When a task is marked not complete and has unapproved billing charges, Pulse now removes those charges automatically
  • When a time entry or direct charge approval status changes from approved to not approved, or is deleted, the associated billing charges (if not approved) are now deleted automatically
  • The Financial Adjustments field on Project Financials can now be changed to $0, and all associated billing records will be removed (unless already invoiced)
  • Added a lookup to Account to the Payment object

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Project now default with a forecast months value equal to the value set in the “Project Pulse Financials” custom setting “Default Forecast Months” field.
  • Fixed a bug on the main projects screen, where projects couldn’t be dragged to categories
  • If setting a fixed price value on a phase, Pulse clears out any fixed price value set on any child phases or tasks
  • The Accrued Revenue field on the Revenue Item History object has been deprecated as it is no longer needed
  • Fixed a bug where the result of a time entry multiplication with bill rate resulted in a number with too high precision
  • Fixed lookup filters on the new expense entry screen, which would not filter records by the currently selected project
  • The Revenue Item History process now ignores failures. This allows for adding validation rules and locking a specific task or phase financial information before the end of the period.
  • Fixed a bug on the Billing View screen, where grouping and select-check multiple records would not work

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