What project managers really need is visibility into task completeness so they become aware of activities that are not likely to be completed on time.  Most PSA tools will tell you when tasks are late, but that is after the fact and does not provide any intelligence to the project manager to help them perform their role and keep the project on schedule

Project Pulse provides powerful resource management capabilities, including resource forecasting and resource utilization.  In this blog, we are going to focus on 1 aspect of resource forecasting with respect to managing the project schedule.

Project Pulse continuously recomputes future resource capacity as work is performed against task assigments. For example, lets assume we have a task with 40 estimated hours and a duration of 1 week. Assuming no other task assignments for this person, the resource view will show 100% forecasted utilization for the entire week. If no work is performed against this task on Monday, then the forecasted resource metric will increase to 125% from Tuesday thru Friday as now 40 hours of work must be completed in 32 hours of normal work hours.

This powerful feature is a leading indicator to tasks that may not be completed on time and gives project managers an opportunity to address scheduling issues before they become a problem and tasks are not completed on time. Project Pulse provides a color coded stoplight indicator on the task list view which makes it very easy to identify where problems exist.  The resource management view provides complete visibility into resource capacity and assignments making project scheduling fast and easy.  This global view will also show those resources who have been oversubscribed work, adding yet another tool for project managers to see where resourcing issues exist and address them before it becomes a problem and customer expectations not met.


Real-time Resource Forecasting


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